Top 10 Mats // A Must for Winter Weather

The below article is a great overview of mats that you can purchase for your office. CK Cleaning encourages every office to have well-placed area mats to collect dust and soil. Entry mats, along with regular vacuuming, will help to reduce the soil tracked to office carpeting keeping your carpet cleaner, longer.

Crown Matting Technologies released a list of its most popular mats. The list is based on a variety of factors including sales from the summer of 2014 to the summer of 2015.

According to Adam Strizzi, marketing manager for Crown, the company makes more than 35 different types of mats and “and some years some mats sell far better than others.”

Sometimes it’s due to weather.  For instance, Strizzi says the winter of 2014 was so severe in parts of the country that the call for all types of entry mats was unprecedented.  “Other times, it could be mats for industrial facilities as it has been recently.”

So what types of mats made the Crown Top 10?  In no specific order, they are the following:

1. Logo mats (for retailers, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
2. Entry mats to capture soil and moisture (invariably a top 10 seller)
3. Anti-fatigue mats specifically manufactured for industrial locations
4. Anti-fatigue mats for non-industrial settings such as for cashiers, barbers, tellers, etc.
5. “Green” mats typically made of recycled plastic and fibers
6. Industrial mats that help prevent static electricity or are spark resistant, etc.
7. Indoor walkway mats (used in walkways to enhance safety and help capture dust and soil inside a facility)
8. Flow through mats for use in industrial settings
9. Anti-microbial mats for clean rooms
10. Flow through mats for locker rooms and pool areas

“I think the improved economy had a lot to do with which mats sold well over the past 12 months,” says Strizzi.  “Retailers like logo mats so those are fast sellers in good times, and the increased call for mats made for industrial locations tells me manufacturing is way up in parts of the U.S.”

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