Why CK Cleaning?

A Healthy Facility

At CK Cleaning Solutions, we understand that the health of your associates, customers, AND your office is vital to high moral and company success! A clean space and healthy associates allow for a team to be productive and welcome clients in a pleasant atmosphere. Not only is it vital for our company to keep your facility healthy, but it is also imperative that we do so with the utmost respect for our natural resources.

Green Friendly

Microfiber System

Green Equipment

We use Green Seal certified cleaning products. Green Seal is a non-profit organization that has grown to be a leader in environmentally friendly cleaning products for business and home.

A microfiber cleaning system allows for cleaner, healthier surfaces. In addition, we use a color-coding system so that there is no cross-contamination of surfaces.

We use green technology for our carpet & hard surface cleaning. Our equipment uses 10 times less water than standard floor machines, offering a faster dry time and an overall healthier environment.

Why CK Cleaning Solutions?

We understand as a business in Northwest Arkansas that you have many options when it comes to a commercial janitorial cleaning service. At CK Cleaning Solutions, we are extremely proud of our service and our commitment to both customers and associates. We value the decision to choose and entrust us with your cleaning.

Local Small Business | Veteran Owned and Operated | 30+ Years of Experience | Trained, Dependable Crews

In addition, your cleaning crew will always consist of a CK Cleaning Solutions owner leading your cleaning team. Our owners understand the importance of your trust in our cleaning and will be part of the process from start to finish.

We value: Honesty and Transparency | High Ethical Standards | True Customer Service

  • Our customer’s satisfaction comes first.
  • Strong customer relationships are important to us.
  • An itemized schedule of per visit duties is supplied to each customer.
  • We are a local business understanding the importance and value of your office.
  • We pride ourselves on not requiring contracts of our customers.
  • Our company supports local community organizations.