From A to Z // Boost Job Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Literally, from A to Z, this article lists 26 office improvements that can be made to help boost both productivity, but most important, employee moral and satisfaction. The ultimate lowdown?  Follow this alphabet list to organize your office, keep your space light and inviting, and attract both new employees and clients. Nothing wrong with […]

Your Clean Office // Six Tips to Combat Cold & Flu Season

Each year, 25 percent of the U.S. population is affected by the flu. The common cold also takes its toll on millions of people annually. To help facilities prepare for a period of heightened outbreaks, Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division offers best practices for cleaning and disinfecting facilities during cold and flu season. “Cold and […]

A Cluttered Workspace

Thought I would share an article about cluttered desks and work space. Although we won’t clean your clutter (we do a dang great job at cleaning your work space, though), we’ve seen our share of clutter and messy. Some are more productive working in clutter, while others have a space for everything and everything goes in […]

The Germy Office

Where are the 9 germiest spots in your office? According to Woman’s Day the most germ-infested hangouts are those right underneath our nose! Take a gander below at the list of 9, and once you’ve read, maybe share a germy spot or two! Computer mouse and keyboard Desk Office door-frame Phone Books Candy dish Copy […]

Infographic: The Flu and You

It’s getting cold outside! And along with the cold weather, you’ll most likely be getting the flu shot soon, or possibly already have. So, along with keeping you healthy, why not let CK Cleaning Solutions keep your office healthy? Take a look at the below infographic. Ready to let us clean? Source: Staples The information […]